Different interests and influences of shareholders, public authorities, employee representatives as well as of the operational management level can tear a company apart. This also holds true for smaller businesses: preferences, abilities and personal interests all follow their own momentum. All those involved pursue their own goals.

Particularly when a company or project is in a state of crisis, it is important to focus on the essentials and to keep the varying interests on a common horizon. The better it is possible to lead all parties to a joint, long-term strategy, the more effective the targeting.
Mediating the different perspectives and their agreement is our core competency. We are experienced in working with all parties involved: shareholders as well as employees and public institutions. So we will "translate" cultures and assist you with

• Auditing strategic alliances with internal and external decision-makers
• Centrally coordinating long-term milestones and responsibilities
• Defining an extended management competency model, which is also binding upon external parties
• Developing and implementing appropriate reporting procedures with respect to the core strategies and values

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