There are countless, obvious and hidden, conflicts in companies and their environment.

All the more so if the key players are all focused on deriving maximum advantage for themselves. On the surface, agreement can be reached by directives or compromises. But the core of action is thus not stable. Smoldering conflicts, self-interest and unnecessary blockages cause deep irritations throughout the entire company. Because of that, not only sales and productivity fall short of their potentials. Lack of strategic alignment brings out high staff turnover rates, weak innovation and a lack of market involvement, which all pose real risks to the sustainable existence of the company.

The (mostly IT-controlled) performance and compliance systems deepen the internal friction of the company’s core and often have too little access to the top level.
For this reason, we recommend our clients not only to actively promote a mediated solution in the event of an acute conflict, but also to introduce a regular Clearing Assessment which brings smoldering breaks to the point and leads to a controlled adjustment.

Value-Based Management© includes a "Clearing Assessment" module where personal viewpoints and their contradictions with other positions become visible and can be brought into line with corporate goals and values.

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