Good coworkig results less from complete control than from a consensus of personal values.
Value-based management © is a management approach that anchors this simple insight in daily business.

Project delays, recurring conflicts, inefficiencies at interfaces between specialist areas, or between companies and their political environment are usually point that a proper adjustment of interests and values ​​has not been sufficient in advance.
However, if the shared value base is anchored at the strategic level, a measurable and binding scale is created prior to targets and individual interests.

Please consider: 
We do not see values ​​as an arbitrary slogan of a desirable image, but as significant personality traits of those who are responsible for the company.

Therefore, we focus on re-establishing commitment, trust and measurability before distributing resources and roles.

Strategy Audit and Compliance - so that the common intent is supportedby everyone
... Definition and implementation of the strategic alignment at the interfaces to the operational level

Turn-Around Management - making different agendas visible, re-define the shared action frame
... efficient frameworks for joint ventures, mergers and other projects in which different interests are to be aimed at a common goal

Sparring - create clarity at eye level
... for the personalities in the company who take the direction-making

Conflict Resolution - find fair ways
... on a factual and personal level in business contexts


The process, which has been copyrighted by Rosenfeld WMB since 2004, combines the experience gained from financial analysis, mergers and aquisitions and controlling with the psychological competencies of personnel development and company communication. Our references and the method manual available in trade provide our clients with profitability and clearly structured processes.

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